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SHARE is a group of companies supplying high quality filter materil and printing mesh, see our company introduction and product pages. If you cannot find what you need for filtration, printing, please write us.

SHARE official website is the demonstration one to show visitors our company's information, major products information, so we cannot list all of our products on our company's website but representative ones; If you cannot find what you are looking for, please drop us an email, we will check and come back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

Micron: A micron is a thousandth of a millimeter or a millionth of a meter or .000039 of an inch. Micron is the unit of measure used to determinate the size of particles in a fluid which are filtered out by the filter.

Micron rating is the size of particles which are filtered out by filters at a certain efficiency. When this efficiency is at least 98.6%, we speak about absolute micron rating/filtration. Nominal micron rating is just a commercial trick for all efficiencies lower than 98.6%, meaning that for the same micron rating (for ex. 10 µ) in the case of nominal rating, not all particles will be captured in the filter as in the case of absolute micron rating.   

SHARE supplies industrial filters, fabricated filters, insert/over-molded plastic and printing meshes!

Yes, SHARE has the printing equipment to print letters and numbers on the mesh to indicate the length, mesh specifications and clients' name. No Extra cost is imposed, this is a free service provided by SHARE.

Yes, SHARE is able to produce specially for our clients according to their order (discussed and confirmed by both of us).

SHARE will not disclose any information, including drawings, sketches, ideas of products design of our clients' to their party unless requested by our clients.

SHARE offers standard and non-standard filter and printing products, for standard product (We usually keep ready stock), we will not require MOQ; However, for Customized Order, SHARE requires MOQ which depends on the type of products clients are going to buy. For more, please write us: sales@sharefilters.com

FOB, CNF, CIF are all acceptable to SHARE.

SHARE can ship the orders according to clients' request by sea freight, air freight and courier.

It depends on the order and freight type. For example, if you order 1,000pieces of liquid filter bags, and we offer you 5days production and you ask us to ship you by air, you are expected to receive the products within 10 days.

If we offer you FOB (free on board) price terms, clients should pay the freight charge; And if we offer CFR (Cost and Freight), SHARE will cover the shipping charges.

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