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: Pingqiao Industrial Park,
Tiantai County, Zhejiang,
317203, China.

Tel: +86-576-8950-8685
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Industrial Application
Printing Mesh Printing Mesh polyester printing Printing Mesh chemical filtration dust filtration

polyester printing mesh

Polyester Printing Mesh
A wide range of polyester printing mesh supplied by Share Filtration, ranging from 10T to 165T with width up to 3.6meters; Supplying the right meshes for every printing needs, ...

nylon printing mesh
Nylon Screen Printing Mesh
Nylon Printing Mesh has better characteristics of abrasion, resistance to chemicals, strong elasticity; But nylon printing mesh is poor due to high elongation...
woven filter mesh Woven Filter Meshes
Synthetic-woven filter meshes are widely seen application in liquid filtration, sifting, decoration, printing, which can also work together with plastic parts to form plastic filter parts...

mesh filter bag
Filter Meshes' Made Filter Parts
Filter meshes, including polyester, nylon, PES can be further processed to a filter part, such as tea mesh bag, heat-sealed mesh bag for medical filtration, filter discs...
plastic filters

Over-molded Plastic Filters with Screen Meshes
over-molded plastic filters and components for applications in automotive, medical, pharmaceuticals, laboratory and industrial uses...

plastic filters

Plastic Injected Filter Parts
Other than over-molded with filter meshes, plastic parts can also be injected into special filter parts for industrial filtration or work as filter components working in a filter units

Company Introduction
1. Screen Mesh Count Chart
2. History of Silk Screen Printing
3. Selections of Proper Printing Meshes
4. Screen Printing Techniques
5. Screen Printing Methods
6. Applications of Printing Mesh
7. How to Buy Polyester Printing Mesh

Share Filtration supplies fine and quality screen printing mesh, woven filter mesh, liquid filter bags, dust collector filter bags, fabricated mesh filter parts, over-molded plastic filters; Swiss Looms and quality yarns imported ensure Share Filtration to supply quality mesh parts at highest grade; Over 20 years production and supply experience in liquid filtration, dust collection, separation and sifting industries, Share Filtration is proud to present clients with the best products for their needs.


Share Filtration (Woven Division), Pingqiao Industrial Park, Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, 317203, China.
Tel.: (86) 576 8950 8685 Fax (86) 576 8543 2410

Share Filtration supplies various kinds of filter products, including polyester filter mesh, nylon filter mesh, polyethylene filter mesh, and Share Filtration also supplies high quality polyester printing mesh, nylon printing mesh; Filter parts, which made of woven filter mesh and plastic, such as heat-sealed mesh filter bags, medical filter bags, plastic-filters and screens, filter caps...