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Over-molded Filters


SHARE has years of experience in manufacturing over-molding or insert injection molded filters for our proprietary in line strainers. We have expanded our over-molding or insert injection molding capabilities to allow us to design and manufacture a wide range of insert molded custom products. Most of these products combine cylinders or flat blanks with thermoplastics or thermoplastic elastomers (TPE's). These products offer significant advantages over metal on mesh, welded or soldered designs. These components are made by taking a prefabricated mesh form and putting it into an injection mold. The mold closes around the mesh and plastic is injected to create a gasket and/or a support cage. Mesh sizes range from 10 microns openings up to 1500 microns openings. Our experienced engineering staff will assist you in the design of a component that will achieve your desired results.

Advantages of Insert Molding:

Over-molding or insert-molding results in a better, more reliable filters because the filter mesh becomes one with the molded part. Our engineers have the experience to support your filter application through all phases of development including custom design, material selection, tight tolerance mold manufacture, rapid prototyping, validation testing and high or low volume manufacturing.

Plastic Availability: ABS, PP, PA66, AS, NYLON, PET, RUBBER...

Mesh Selection:
        1. Polyester Filter Mesh
        2. Nylon Filter Mesh
        3. Polyethylene Filter Mesh
        4. Polypropylene Filter Mesh
        5. Stainless Steel Filter Mesh
        6. Brass Filter Mesh

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