Expertise in Screen/Mesh Molding

As a producer of filter meshes, SHARE has the expertise in molding screens/meshes with different platsics to offer precision, quality and cost-saving products to clients.

SHARE FILTERS is an expert in filter / screen molding indudstry to supply clients with custom-made molded plastic filters. During this process, synthetic or metal screens can be overmolded or insertmolded with plastic to produce a part that will support the filter media, such as woven filter meshes/screens, felts.

SHARE engineers can customize molds to fit the specifications of our clients screen filter projects, with improved performance of your end product at the best possible price in mind. Other than our expertise in molding production, SHARE also owns her own weaving factory to produce synthetic filter meshes and metallic filter meshes, which give SHARE an edge during the market competition, providing customers with fast material selection and quality control during mesh selection processes.

Filter media comes in many different filtration capabilities. Molded filter / screens are used in many industries including health care, automotive and food production industries, agricultural industries, etc.

SHARE has more than 30 years of production experience in weaving filter meshes and more than 10 years of molding production experience, by utilizing our expertise and edges in the filtration industry, SHARE offers our customers good quality products at cost-effective price.

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