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Synthetic Filters

SHARE produces and supplies various kinds of synthetic filters made of filter meshes and filter felts, such as nylon filter mesh, polyester filter mesh, polypropylene filter mesh, also manufactures injection molding filters with precision filter meshes. Frame material includes majority of plastic resins, such as PA6, PP, ABT, PBT...


Polyamide Flour Meshes

Full Series of Monofilament Polyamide Flour Meshes

Understanding industrial needs for various kinds of filter media and filter parts, SHARE has been working closely with our clients and raw material suppliers to make and provide the best filter products for the markets. One of the industrial sector in food industry asks for quality polyamide filter mesh (polyamide flour mesh), that is flour milling. To get the best out of flour and filter unwanted, a special-made polyamide filter mesh is required.


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